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Patient Care Application_

During the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, a large multinational healthcare organization wanted to expand its offering to include remote hospital care. This initiative was expected to increase nurse job satisfaction and patient care quality due to the reduced cost and effort of care.

Using our proprietary platform with pre-built functionality as the basis foundation, we built a Patient Care Application that enables care teams to assign rooms, monitor patients and communicate via text and video conference. Our client was able to immediately take advantage of information collection, user management and role-based security, file share, video and live chat, and workflow management. This jumpstarted the app-building process significantly and saved our client months of development time and money.

We built the application with modern serverless patterns using .NET Core and C# and deployed as Azure Functions. The app is accessed through Azure API Management for security, scalability and reliability. The backend was developed as a headless application service to enforce authentication, role-based security, and encapsulate business logic via a configurable workflow engine. We chose MongoDB as our primary database to support the dynamic configuration-driven data that is needed for remote healthcare. The web application is architected as a single-page application written in TypeScript using Angular. This approach is very flexible and performant and provides clear integration points with the backend API.


Automated Error Tracking_

In the microchip fabrication business, removing risk of human error during quality inspection is critical to reducing waste and managing profit margins. Our client needed to automate tracking of bad sites within chip wafers, ensuring errors would be caught early in the build process to eliminate wasted time and resources during manufacture. A system was needed to track which sites were identified as compromised and at which step an error occurred, and then deliver that information to support decision making at later stages in the manufacturing process. Due to production timing dependencies, this system had to be built, tested and fully functional within 20 weeks.

Critical system requirements included an administrative web application to allow authenticated users to identify and record site error information, the ability to synchronize this data to the client’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and allow for evolving wafer disposition evaluation criteria.

Valore’s team of software engineers dug into the business process and technical aspects of the client’s wafer fabrication line and supporting systems to gain a thorough understanding of requirements for automating the error tracking process. Then, following an Agile development process the team designed, developed and tested the wafer site tracking system in cooperation with the client’s engineering and quality assurance team members. Final deliverables included an enterprise class, fully functional system consisting of a Blazor web application with a C# API backend that allows an authenticated user to identify and record when an event occurs. The result is stored in a SQL server database and uses Rabbit MQ for asynchronous communication to validate manufacturing information in the MES. The system architecture provides a modular framework that is extensible to support evolving wafer evaluation requirements. The project was delivered within budget and on time in 20 weeks.


Self-Service Reporting with Power BI_

Valore Partners helped a large county government IT department design and implement self-service reporting capability based on Microsoft Power BI. Supporting 15,000 employees across dozens of departments, the IT organization needed a better way of responding to increasing requests for reports and data insights. IT leadership recognized the benefits of decentralizing this function by providing end-users the ability to establish and maintain their own dashboards and reports. IT’s role would shift from that of tactical report development to a strategic one providing data governance, enterprise level security and service availability.

Valore Partners was hired to build out an enterprise Power BI Premium strategy and solution in Azure as the core technology, develop a number of high-priority executive Dashboards and train IT staff on Power BI report development. Valore deployed a small team to provide enterprise data management and reporting thought leadership, Power BI architecture and report development. The team created the architecture and design including AD groups and role-based security, configured the Power BI Premium Workspace gateway, developed automated deployment scripts for connection strings and data sets and designed an intake process for moving requests through development to production.


Wizard Application Rebuild_

As part of a complete technology overhaul, a large Phoenix-based food distributor and supplier wanted their food ingredient ordering Wizard application rebuilt. The application allows the company’s customers to order food ingredients and track purchases, inventory and menu costs. The primary goals of the rebuild were to improve application speed and user experience, and to leverage customer order data.

During project discovery, it was determined that the application should be migrated away from Webforms and re-architected using Vue.js. Because of its cloud-based architecture, Vue.js is fast, flexible and can be adopted incrementally. It also has robust client-side functionality, which made it preferable to Angular.

The Wizard was completely re-engineered to offer a new and improved UI for all catalog, recipe and inventory features. The interface was designed to behave like Excel to make it user intuitive. We optimized performance of the entire application, focusing on areas most prone to delays like the cost calculation feature. By using asynchronous functionality, we were able to reduce timeouts during protracted calculations. And keeping future iterations in mind, we built the app on an open architecture so it could be integrated with point-of-sale software.

As a result of the improved user experience, user acceptance increased from less than 5% to over 80%. Company executives were so pleased with the improved UX and architecture that they instructed the sales team to use the new tool in sales meetings.

The data captured on customer orders allowed our client to build customer profiles based on purchase history. This enabled predictive data modeling, satisfying a major company initiative. Using predictive modeling, our client was able to offer their customers a way to leverage ingredient cost data and improve kitchen profitability.


Microservices Modernization_

A Public Utility’s IT department had been struggling with systems running on outdated technology, hindering its ability to provide operations leaders information in a meaningful and consumable way for them to make business decisions. Ever-changing requirements from the operations team created a snowball effect putting IT further and further behind in meeting the needs of their customers as they wrestled with inefficient legacy systems. A technology upgrade was needed immediately.

IT realized that in order to accomplish the many system upgrades in the time allowed, they’d need several teams working in parallel managing a variety of workstreams to rebuild multiple applications. The challenge would be finding a way to rebuild applications quickly while maintaining consistent look and feel across applications.

Valore was hired to bring thought leadership and technical skills in solving this problem. The goal was to consolidate four separate platforms, each including different technologies, data sources and services into one system. Targeted upgrades included uplifting older SQL to current version, .NET3 to .NET Core and Webforms to current Angular version. Using microservices enabled the creation of discrete applications supporting various functions, allowing teams to build smaller, reusable front ends for easier updates and changes. A monorepo was used to consolidate applications supporting code sharing across development teams driving efficiencies, consistency and faster completion times.

With this approach, the four development teams were able to work more efficiently than ever before in delivering the system upgrades. The result is a unified platform providing a much improved user experience through consistent interfaces. As a lasting benefit to the business, IT can now respond faster to new feature requests and enhancements with minimal required changes to the code base, driving down the cost and time to production.


Data Migration and Systems Integration_

Our client, a large home construction company, needed a new system to enable their sales teams to create new spec homes and models through a common, component-based user interface. The project consisted of a major back-end data migration of residential home information from their legacy application databases into a new data tier. Using Microsoft SSIS, data migrations were created to be repeatable, reversable and managed down to the Market/Community demographic. This design allowed the client to roll out the new software across the enterprise on a Market-Community basis.

The project involved both front- and back-end work utilizing Angular, Redux, OData API (via Entity Framework) and Azure DevOps / Git for source control, code review and pipeline build and release operations. To meet the required timeframe and ensure a smooth migration, we allocated a full team — three Software Engineers, a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Tester.


I’m a technologist, audiophile, husband, and soon-to-be father of one. In my spare time I enjoy making music, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and working on my golf game. I was a self-taught developer for several years, before making an official career change after graduating a coding bootcamp.


I was attracted to Valore Partners because they are committed to the success of their employees. Our initial discussions during the interview process were very impactful in my decision. I felt that they were already partnering with me and cared about my future success. The work life balance at Valore Partners is healthy and I have some freedom to manage my own schedule. I have much more time to spend with my family compared to previous roles and I appreciate that professional development is encouraged by Valore Partners too.


Since joining the firm, I’ve found my colleagues to be vastly talented professionals with a wide breadth of knowledge. The words that I would use to describe them are dependable and dedicated. Whenever I have a question, they have an answer. They have been invaluable to my growth as a professional, even in such a short amount of time.

Ben has been with Valore Partners since April 2022.


I’m a Software Engineer with Valore Partners, specializing in C# Asp.Net/Core and Angular development. I’ve learned that the keys to really succeed in this role are communication and adaptability.

Communication is key for managing reasonable expectations, establishing deadlines, and clarifying requirements and/or resource needs. Adaptability is important because we need to be able to work in many different environments with completely different teams, while maintaining the same level of effectiveness. It’s not always easy, but Valore Partners has a great support system and way of doing things. They’ve also managed to foster a culture of sharing information and knowledge, which has been invaluable in solidifying my understanding of both existing and new technologies. I’d describe my colleagues as very professional, passionate about technology, very well informed, and always willing to help one and other.

Outside of work, I’m happily married and enjoy playing video games, cooking, playing tennis or playing with our cat. In my experience, Valore has provided a very good work life balance; I feel they are very respectful of my time. They have continuously provided me with the experiences and resources I need to grow as a developer and better myself as a professional. I’ll happily recommend them to any of my friends or family members!

Chris has been with Valore Partners since November 2018


I’m a Software Engineer with Valore Partners, specializing in .Net Development. Working here has improved my skills in the Architectural and Infrastructure side of Development and knowledge with Azure. In my spare time, I love playing disc golf with my wife and our friends, learning about the natural world, trying new things, or solving complex problems.

What attracted me most to Valore Partners was the idea of continuously working with new/different technologies and knowing that I would be working with other extremely knowledgeable Software Engineers. This has allowed me to gain experience exponentially quicker than in my previous roles and as someone who loves learning, this keeps me excited about new projects.

In this role, the focus is to understand the fundamental strategies of Software Development and how to apply that knowledge in order to hone/create robust and extensible applications for our clients. You really have to be able to listen and read between the lines to figure out what is really needed and the best way to approach it successfully.

Valore Partners offers great compensation and really promotes personal development. Management has a true open-door policy and I’ve always felt heard and supported. My team is a great source of information and share the same level of enthusiasm as I do. I would wholeheartedly recommend Valore Partners to anyone who shares these qualities and passions.

William has been with Valore Partners since November 2018


In high school, I had the chance to participate in a Vex Robotic competition. This kicked off a passion for programming and lead me to ASU, where I graduated with a computer science degree. In my free time, you’ll find me playing video games, tennis, or traveling.

What attracted me most to Valore Partners was the opportunity to learn and explore new technologies. We’re always learning and applying the latest and greatest technologies to make the system we are working on more robust and scalable. I didn’t find this to be the case in previous positions. It’s been excellent for my personal development, and I’ve found myself able to gain experience much more quickly than in traditional enterprise environments.

At Valore Partners you’ll have the opportunity to work on various projects and technologies. In my opinion, you’ll need to be adaptable and willing to continuously learn new technologies to be successful.

Overall, what I’ve enjoyed most is the working environment itself. I feel like part of a big family. Valore Partners treats us well and they care about us as people too—the work/life balance is great!

Jason has been with Valore Partners since January 2019.


Originally from Bryan, Texas, I moved to Arizona in 2013 for new opportunities and a change of scenery. After an introduction to C++ course, I was completely hooked on coding. This led to completing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a focus on Cyber Security in 2021.

In my spare time, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking, traveling, camping, working on carpentry projects, and spending time with my wonderful wife. While in my last year of school, I joined Valore Partners for the opportunity to work with industry experts in a smaller, more close-knit company. From day one, I’ve felt very welcomed here, and am appreciative of their accommodations regarding my schedule. After graduation, I was offered a full-time position and I happily accepted.

The first project I worked on was much larger than what I normally encountered in my academic career, but with resources and mentorship from both the leadership team and my colleagues, I’ve been able to continue to grow my skills and my confidence. I’ve found my experience at Valore Partners to be challenging, but comfortable in terms of growth. I credit that to the strong support system they have created here, as well as interesting and varied projects. Working at Valore Partners as my first professional job will undoubtedly be invaluable as I continue forward in my development career.

Vanessa has been with Valore Partners since May 2021.




When I’m not working as a Senior Software Engineer, I’m an outdoorsy type of nerd that enjoys off-roading in my Jeep, watching movies, listening to music, and playing D&D.

I first joined Valore Partners as an Intern while going to ASU. I didn’t plan to work in IT at the time, I just knew I liked working with computers and had a passion for technology. Once I got involved at Valore Partners, I was hooked! A big part of the reason why I’m here, building custom software solutions, is because of the people here at Valore Partners and how they have helped me in growing my career.

Since joining, I’ve realized that one of the most important things you can do to be successful is to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends. Valore gives me the time and the tools to do just that. It’s always rewarding to apply what you have just learned to help solve a difficult technical challenge. Overall working at Valore Partners is like working with a bunch of fun nerds—and I mean that as an endearing term! We are well-rounded with many different interests. One of the greatest things about Valore Partners is having access to many different resources with many different avenues of expertise. I have never felt overworked or that my personal time is not important. Valore Partners is always willing to work with personal schedules and flexible scheduling.

What keeps me here is the culture, flexibility, and opportunities for continued learning. Great management and engineers. Valore Partners makes it a great place to work.

Chris was with Valore Partners from Oct 2008 – March 2018 and then again in Dec 2019 until present.


I had a prestigious internship in Hotel & Restaurant Management and quit to join the military. From there I began to realize my “hobby” of building computers and writing custom programs could be a career.

I joined Valore in 2008 and met some truly talented software developers and learned as much as I possibly could. The projects were interesting and challenging and the people I worked with were amazing. I made some very close friends and a whole bunch of respected co-workers.

I moved to the Seattle area, which is quite literally the only reason I left Valore. At the time remote offices were not a thing. I then went on to work for startup companies and did some of my own private contracting. The moment that Valore was branching out and interested in having me back I jumped at it without hesitation. During that entire period, I never found a company I cared about being a part of as much as I did Valore.

I love Valore because they have stayed consistent with their values, and I am proud to work with everyone. I have also thoroughly enjoyed mentoring and leading some fantastic talent just entering the industry. We are delivering fantastic software from brainstorm to delivery; I can’t imagine a more satisfying work environment!

Ryan was with Valore Partners from Jan 2008 to Feb 2012 and then again in Nov 2019 until present.


I am a Principal Software Engineer with Valore Partners. I bring 25+ years of experience in Microsoft-focused technologies, 16 years of which employed at Microsoft. After meeting with management staff and some of the partners at Valore Partners, I realized the culture and areas of focus were right in line with my own. Coming from a very large organization, I have found it refreshing to be able to have a greater impact on the success of the company, as well as build personal rapports with the entire leadership team instead of just peers and direct reports.

Everyone I’ve had a chance to interact with at Valore have proven to be extremely knowledgeable in their respective technologies and always willing to assist at a moment’s notice. In my opinion, being a successful in technology hinges on a passion and desire to stay on top of technologies and trends.

I am not one that believes in the traditional notion of Life + Work balance. There’s only life. Your job is one component of your life and you ultimately choose which areas of your life desire/require the most attention and focus. With that said, I feel it is important to give both professional and personal aspects of life the same attention levels. It is refreshing to work for a company that does not expect you to regularly stray from that type of commitment.

Randy has been with Valore Partners since January 2020 & 2014-2017.


I’m a Principal Software Engineer and have been with the company for 15+ years. I worked with Jeremy and Bert, and others from previous companies. When they started Valore Partners, I followed them.

One of the nice things about this company is that we have experts in multiple practices. When we have technical challenges, we have colleagues that specialize in these areas. It makes it better for our team because even if we come in for CRM, we can end up solving other business challenges using .Net development or BI. That being said, Valore Partners is also very supportive in regard to providing the training and tools needed to improve our skills too.

I see myself here many years from now because I love the company and how they treat us. I’ve never considered working anywhere else because I appreciate the relationships I have here and how they’ve taken care of me and my family. I feel a great loyalty to Valore Partners and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

 Paul has been with Valore Partners since November 2006.


Born and raised in Arizona, and still haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, but who has the time? If I’m not playing tabletop role-playing games, I’m probably out with my friends or with my nose in a project.

My career started out in the wild west both literally and figuratively with small businesses and start-ups. In my previous role, I learned a multitude of skills across the Microsoft stack but unfortunately ended up working very long hours. I decided to turn my sights towards something with a little more sanity and shortly after, Valore Partners knocked on my door with the opportunity to join their team. What attracted me to the company was the opportunity to gain exposure working with large enterprise level businesses, as well as the resources the team provides to continue to hone my skills.

My experience with Valore has been nothing but positive; my work-life balance hasn’t been in a better state. My colleagues bring their passion for solving complex problems and their knowledge of past experiences to the table to share with me every day. We work together to not only build a product, but to also help build up the people around us as well. Overall, I can see myself staying with Valore for many years to come. The community is great, the work is stimulating, and the breadth of knowledge is priceless.

Anton has been with Valore Partners since September 2021.


I’m the Talent Acquisition Manager for Valore Partners and typically the first point of contact for new potential employees. We’re looking for candidates who have the right blend of technical skills and ‘soft skills’ including clear communication, time management, emotional intelligence, and leadership ability. Myself and my team have worked hard to create a balanced, supportive, and positive employee culture right from the first email, phone call, or text message exchange.

In my own professional career, I’ve had the pleasure of working in various aspects of Recruitment and Human Capital across 4 different countries, including Canada (my home country), The Cayman Islands, Thailand, and now here in the United States. I also hold a master’s degree in international Relations, specializing in Ethnic Relations; it’s safe to say that people are my passion. Now happily married to an Arizona native, my husband and I take advantage of all the surrounding area has to offer as well as carving out time to explore new parts of the world whenever we can.

I’ve worked with Valore Partners since I first landed in the United States and couldn’t be happier with the company and people that I work with on a daily basis. It’s much easier to promote and grow a business where your own values align with that of the firm’s and I’m lucky enough to have found that with Valore Partners.

Kathleen has been with Valore Partners since April 2016.


I am a multifaceted technologist and the Collaboration Practice Lead at Valore Partners. I was, and still am, most attracted to Valore Partners for the community. I appreciate the way they encourage teams to get together outside of the offices. We are a very professional group, and everyone really knows their stuff. If the path is clear, they’ll get it done. If they don’t, they’ll ask questions. You can really count on your colleagues here; they are consistently reliable.

I find our work satisfying. Technology wise, you can easily overcome challenges by taking a different approach or digging a little deeper. Other challenges we encounter are political or bureaucratic, we sometimes add the role of advisor or counselor to our toolbelt.

Outside of my professional life and staying out of the heat, I RV a lot with the family. Enjoying fun outdoors activities like fishing, biking, and kayaking.

Melissa has been with Valore Partners since May 2008.

Principal Software Engineer

Over the last 25+ years, I’ve worked with a number of similar firms and VP is by far the best place to work. I’m surrounded by such a high level of talent here.

One especially unique and impactful project that comes to mind, was for a large utility company here in the Valley. We wrote a system to measure consumption and automate delivery, bringing together several systems and a front-end responsive UI to simplify the process.

At Valore Partners, we control and resolve tense situations and, in some cases, we’re assisting with critical, emergency situations. If a project is not going to make deadline, for example, I may be brought in to assess the problem and get them across the finish line. The great thing is that I have a full team behind me at VP that I can rely on when needed. Whether it’s technical, systems or managerial, we have each other’s backs.

Cory has been with Valore Partners since September 2009.


At the age of 4, my family relocated from New York City to Hong Kong. During my time in Hong Kong, I fell in love with Rugby and ended up receiving a professional contract out of high school to play for the Hong Kong National team. In 2017, my Rugby career ended, and I decided to pursue my other passion, technology. I moved back to Phoenix, enrolled in ASU, and have now recently graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I joined Valore Partners as an IT Intern both for the opportunity to learn more about the IT world from the inside, and because of their flexibility when it came to my school schedule.

When offered a role as Associate Consultant post-graduation, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew I would get to continue to work alongside industry experts for a company that values their employees.

Jumping in headfirst on my first full-time development project was daunting for several reasons, but everyone on my team was always happy to give insight and support. Whether it was a quick ten-minute call going over some technical questions, or an hour long talk about career guidance as a Consultant, no one at Valore has ever made me feel like I was a burden, which gave me the confidence to take ownership over parts of the project earlier than I would have expected. Currently, I am working with C#/.NET Core, Angular, Azure & MongoDB.

My colleagues are some of the smartest, most interesting people I have ever met. Spanning from all ages and backgrounds, it is fun being able to interact with them daily. You’ll thrive with Valore Partners, if you are someone with a good work ethic, enjoy continuous learning, and excel in collaborative environments. In my opinion, being able to work on interesting problems, with interesting people, is as good as a job can get.

John has been with Valore Partners since August 2019.


At the age of 4, my family relocated from New York City to Hong Kong. During my time in Hong Kong, I received a professional contract out of high school to play Rugby for the Hong Kong National team. In 2017, my Rugby career ended, and I decided to pursue my other passion, technology. I moved back to Phoenix, enrolled in ASU, and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I joined Valore Partners as an IT Intern for the opportunity to learn more about the IT world from the inside, and because of their flexibility when it came to my school schedule. When offered a role as Associate Consultant post-graduation, I jumped at the opportunity.

My colleagues are some of the smartest, most interesting people I have ever met. Starting my first full-time development project was daunting, but everyone on my team was happy to give insight and support. Whether a quick ten-minute call going over some technical questions, or an hour long talk about career guidance, no one at Valore has ever made me feel like I was a burden. This gave me the confidence to take ownership over parts of the project earlier than I would have expected.

You’ll thrive with Valore Partners, if you are someone with a good work ethic, enjoy continuous learning, and excel in collaborative environments. In my opinion, being able to work on interesting problems, with interesting people, is as good as a job can get.

John has been with Valore Partners since August 2019.

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