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Utilizing bots for your website and reaping their benefits requires education and awareness. What is a bot? What is not a bot? Do I need to be afraid of them? Relax, and browse the FAQs surrounding bot usage below to learn about what they fully entail.

What is the definition of a bot?

Bots are defined as computer programs that mimic human conversation using artificial intelligence. They are conversational interfaces that transform customer-business online interaction.

Are bots backed by humans?

No. One of the largest misconceptions surrounding bots is that they are human-based, since they converse with customers akin to the way a human would speak to another human. Bots simply imitate human conversation through their artificially intelligent technology.

Do bots communicate using only voice?

No, bot interaction can be driven by either voice or text. Additionally, an increasing trend in bot technology is the usage of graphical interfaces or graphical widgets to drive interaction.

Are bots and mobile applications the same thing?

No. When bots interact via user interface, it’s easy to confuse them with apps, but a pivotal distinction is the fact that bots are used inside chat apps. Bots are basically a new, innovative way for humans to interact with software, to the point where bots are in fact nearly replacing overriding app usage–users can ask bots to schedule appointments or order various items rather than doing so through each individual app. The specific experience of interacting with a bot is different than interacting with a website or with an app.

How do bots know how to talk to humans and answer their questions?

There are two types of bots. Bots that function based on rules and bots that function based on artificial intelligence. Bots created based on rules are limited and can only respond to certain commands. Bots created with artificial intelligence understand language, not just commands. Plus, these bots continuously grow smarter as they learn from conversations they have with various people.

Are bots robots?

Nope. The chatbot namesake is derived from “chat robot,” but chatbots are merely computer automated software programs.

Can bot technology become sentient and overtake human intelligence?

Easy, tiger! Chatbots are designed with artificial intelligence and curated by software engineers. Bot technology cannot possibly overtake humans as they are created and designed by humans in a highly specific and intentional manner.

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