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In the Digital Age, even the strongest companies with the best and brightest marketers, premier analytics, automation and intelligent advertising solutions, have struggled to stay ahead of the curve. The rest have been hard at work simply keeping up. The reason for this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the internet.

Marketing has treated the internet like it treated print advertising, television, radio and billboards: put offers and endorsements in the audience’s face and they will respond. SEO, PPC, Lead Generation, Social Media and other strategies, receive huge spending from top brands in order to push their offers and content in front of consumers. Engage at all costs.

This is the fundamental misunderstanding: the internet is not a “push” medium like cable TV or radio, it is a “pull” medium. When someone wants to see, read or watch something on the internet, they request that information from a server and then the user pulls the content to their web browser or app.

The fundamental misunderstanding between push and pull has given rise to revolt. Adblock, Netflix and Sirius XM are great examples of this backlash. The consumer no longer wants to be inundated with offers. They no longer want their entertainment or business materials selected for them. They are going out of their way to select and customize exactly what they want, when they want it.

The diminishing returns on modern digital marketing is due to the fact that nobody, anywhere, wants to see ads anymore. If this statement is in doubt, simply recognize the near omnipresence of toxic sponsored content occluding what we really want to see, read and watch. Don’t even get me started on Fake News.

The next digital marketing strategy is not a strategy. Every organization must be able to simultaneously reach its audience on the it’s channel of choice. The organization must be agile; it must be data-driven and have significant predictive analysis and automation to respond to the demands of the consumer in order to meet them in their context.

The best modern marketer is not someone who can create the best design, logo or catch phrase. The modern marketer that is best equipped for success, is the one which understands the nature of the internet, has a deep knowledge of data, analytics, application development and systems integration, to ensure its marketing efforts provide a return on investment across the board.

Companies that want to survive in the next digital era must integrate their digital presence with their core business systems, adapt to the whims of the its audience with context marketing/customer experiences and continue to extend all of the initiatives that have arisen over the last fifteen years of the Digital Age.

Valore Partners’ Customer Engagement team is here to engage with our customers to learn about their business advantages, their value propositions and their challenges. We are leading the efforts to integrate systems and sources of data, develop models to aggregate and predict customer behavior while building automation and producing rapid, iterative responses to this behavior, with a goal of revolutionizing our customers’ experiences.

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