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Cyber Indemnity Solutions

Platform as a service: a cloud based insurable data platform to disrupt the data security status quo.

A brand new product and service to secure and insure critical document for clientele.

The cloud has created massive business benefits all around the world in regards to the transfer and storage of information, Valore Partners and Cyber Indemnity Solutions worked together to create an innovative tool around securing and and insuring documentation

Solution Design

In partnership with Cyber Indemnity Solutions it was determined that this application and data vault must:

  • Function as a SaaS (software as a service)
  • Have a custom API for open integration to any platform that Cyber Indemnity Solutions’ clients require
  • Be highly available while maintaining strict and robust security standards
  • Leverage both public clouds for duplicated security, both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services
  • Ensure that Valore Partners team can function independently during the build process but document architecture, design and code for Cyber Indemnity Solutions’ practice development

Valore Partners’ developers were given the opportunity to build this new innovation on behalf of Cyber Indemnity Solutions. Closely integrated with subject matter experts and practice leads, Valore Partners built the Proof of Concept and the overall solution from the ground up. This software created a new business opportunity and a unique innovation in the cloud security space.


  • A New Player: The Cyber Indemnity Solutions Insurable Data Platform (IDP) is an innovative solution in the Cloud Security space
  • Embracing the opportunity to build a Self-Deployed cloud solution, Cyber Indemnity Solutions is now able to allow their clients to transfer, send, and access documents in the cloud at any time – without compromising their value and status as insured documents.

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