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First, what are Bots, really? Simply put, they are: digital assistants, conversation-based software interfaces that communicate via speech, text, imagery or any combination thereof. Designed and implemented correctly, they can empower customers to engage with your business directly while allowing you to capture large amounts of data from these interactions. This information should in turn provide you even greater insight into providing better customer experiences, truly a virtuous cycle.

Bots can be strategically placed on websites or into apps to answer questions or guide a user toward completing a goal or meeting a need. This automated conversational method of engaging with customers immediately in direct dialogue has changed the way people shop, plan, and interact with businesses online in general.

The tools and technology surrounding Bot usage are currently making it easier than ever to build custom Bots to interact with clients 24x7x365. Bots instill confidence and ease within customers by answering FAQ’s and additionally sprinkling in some of the rhetoric and personality that is directly associated with your business’ products and services, bolstering your brand.

Bots should be designed with specific and measurable goals. These can include directing and trafficking users to targeted areas of a given site, schedule meetings or appointments, make and track purchases, or locate appropriate employees or digital resources that can satisfy their requests.

According to new research from cloud communications platform company Twilio, 9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands. The same research shows that, unfortunately, less than half of global businesses have the infrastructure in place to make this happen.

By employing a bot on your respective website, users can engage in a two-way conversation as they learn about your service, and even have fun in the process. Using bots to regularly deliver personalized, steady experiences to every single customer that engages with you is of increasing importance to your business.

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