As companies transition to the cloud or find their balance between on premises and cloud infrastructure, they need to decide how much datacenter hardware they need. The answer is far less than in the past, thanks to new opportunities to develop and host .NET and other custom business applications in the cloud. Valore Partners Enterprise Application Development practice not only designs and develops traditional on premises business applications but also helps you evolve your application development strategy to enable the digital enterprise, consisting of cloud, mobile, big data and social.
The diversity of today’s IT landscape requires a fundamental shift in how you develop applications. Valore Partners will help your organization tap into the power of the cloud as an application development platform: decreases your datacenter footprint and reduces the total cost of technology ownership by moving certain applications to the cloud, improve response times to meet changing business and capacity needs and free up expensive on-premises resources for your most critical applications, and enable mobile access to these solutions. Valore Partners can help navigate the transition to the cloud while not sacrificing the value of on premises technology.