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My Valore Story

A Look Inside: Life + Work, striking balance...

Sylvester- Senior ConsultantChris- ConsultantPaul- Practice LeadShane- Principal ConsultantBrian- Senior ConsultantCory- Principal Consultant

Sylvester Graham
Senior Consultant

with Valore Partners since August 2011

Working as a Senior Business Intelligence Architect at Valore Partners, my clients span a diverse group of industries and have a wide range of requirements. In this role, I benefit from an opportunity to work with a broad range of technologies and with a team of motivated experts working right alongside me.

Prior to joining Valore Partners in August of 2011, I worked for Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA for just over 6 years. During that time, I held responsibilities such as Group Manager of MSN Operations, Group Manager of Global Mission Control Operations and Lead Program Manager of Exchange Sustained Engineering. I have also had the opportunity to work with several other large corporations prior to Microsoft such as IBM, Level (3) Communications, Cardinal Health Systems and Black and Decker.

For many of us, whenever a career move is being considered, the interview process is typically the first step in the getting to know you stage. I enjoyed the personable nature of everyone involved in the process, and the fact that I was offered the opportunity to speak with virtually everyone in the organization. What made it all even more exceptional, was the fact that it was apparent that they also cared just as much about my family and wanted to make sure it was a good fit for everyone. Since joining Valore, this personal touch has continued. One year, flowers were sent to my wife on mother’s day (I actually forgot to get flowers that year so this was a total bail out for me).

Valore Partners is a great company with a wonderful environment, that provides challenging opportunities for it’s valued consultants. In such a competitive space, Valore Partners continues to ascend to the very top, and I am proud to be a part of it and to represent it each day.

Chris Boynton

with Valore Partners since September 2009

When I joined Valore partners, I started as an intern and was then later given the opportunity to move into infrastructure working as a SharePoint Consultant. After seven years working here, I’ve never once considered leaving.

As an intern, I reported to two of our directors as my supervisors and I have to say, their personalities and sense of humor are a big reason why I still love working here. When business needs to get done, it gets done, but it’s not uncommon to find yourself having a beer with one of the managers after work.

As a Consultant, one of the longer projects I worked on was with a multi-national cleaning supply company, beginning with a SharePoint upgrade then moving onto Managed Services and multiple related side projects. I was there for 2 years and really had a lot of fun. I felt like I was part of their community and culture. One perk, for
example, was that we were out in California for a week out of every month.

I’ve always been a pretty self-sufficient person, so I thought I may struggle working in a team. Since I’ve been with Valore Partners, I’ve learned to ask for help. As a result, I’ve picked up better techniques for things like client relationship management.

I think the difference is that “problems” are never really problems at Valore Partners. Issues that arise are brought to the team and are worked on together to resolve. I think that speaks volumes about the firm.

Paul Dirks
Practice Lead

with Valore Partners since November 2006

I’m the CRM practice lead here at Valore have been with the company for nine years. I worked with Jeremy and Bert, and others from previous companies. When they started Valore Partners, I followed them.

I’ve worked on far too many clients to make a list, but one of the most interesting and challenging projects was for a national home builder who wanted an on premise solution. We did a Proof of Concept for them and then went in and got them up and running. This included migrating all data (25-30 million data records) along with customization, so it was no small task. At the project’s peak we must have had 7 or 8 consultants on-site.

One of the nice things about this company is that we have experts in multiple practices. When we have technical challenges with infrastructure, database needs or reporting needs, we have guys totally specialized in these areas. It makes it better for our team because even if we come in for CRM, we can end up solving other business challenges using.Net development and BI. That being said, Valore Partners is also very supportive in regards to providing the training and tools needed to improve our skills such as providing paid certifications as well as various courses/workshops that help us stay current.

I see myself here many years from now because I love the company and how they treat us. I’ve never been tempted to look in to any other company because I appreciate the relationships I have here and how they’ve taken care of me and my family. I feel a great loyalty to Valore Partners and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Shane Bishop
Principal Consultant

with Valore Partners from 2006-2007 and since October 2013

Trust is key for me here at Valore Partners. I trust management and I trust the people that I work with. I’ve gone from being a junior level employee to a Principal Consultant. I’ve had great guidance and now have been given the opportunity to show others the ropes. I have huge trust in the people at Valore.

Another important factor is flexibility. I’ve had a few emergencies over the years, which happens when you have four kids. The community at VP understands this, and I’ve never felt stressed because I needed to take care of something personal. I never have to choose work or my life and that’s awesome. It’s unusual in a lot of places but something clear for me here.

Valore Partners is good at taking fire drills and turning them into growth and relationship building opportunities. For example, say I start a project and realize that I can’t finish what I thought I’d be able to do. I don’t panic. I simply bring it to the team and we work together to find the best solution for the client. Stuff happens. We find the solution, and learn from it so we can do better next time. This is an important part of the culture of the company.

I’m always referring the great people that I meet in the industry to Valore Partners because I trust that their experience will be as great as mine has been.

Brian Finck
Senior Consultant

with Valore Partners since June 2015

I’m a Sr. Sharepoint Consultant, coming from Houston and Ohio. I’m Sharepoint Architect by training and Senior Developer by trade.

An interesting project that I worked on recently was an overhaul of a national retailer’s web presence. This included front and back end development. Their whole team is great to work with; they’re very open to our ideas and they openly share their own methodology with us. Another interesting project was a large healthcare provider, where we helped them transition from an on-prem migration to the cloud using Azure infrastructure and Exchange online. I’ve also been put on some cool projects that really expanded my background of SQL and Sharepoint. I’ve been learning UX/UI, Javascript, CSS, and all sorts of specialties that are new for me.

Valore has always supported continuing education for me. I did some K2 certifications in-house recently and I’ve been sent off to various learning events, taken Microsoft certs and re-certs. It’s a big value to both ourselves and the company. Being blatantly honest, continuing personal knowledge and growth is built into our bonus structure.

The consultants here have a team oriented style. Many of my assignments have been partnered assignments. It’s a nice dynamic to have someone from Valore on a project with you, allowing us to lean on each other to make sure things get done correctly and on time. As the next few years go by, I hope to be trucking forward in dev work at Valore.

Cory Keller
Principal Consultant

with Valore Partners since September 2009

I am passionate about technology and love working in consulting. Over the last 25 years, I’ve worked with a number of similar firms and VP is by far the best place to work. I’m surrounded by such a high level of talent here.
I work in the Custom Enterprise Development team, so I get a lot of the exciting projects. One especially unique and impactful project was for a large utility company here in the Valley. Especially with the drought in the news, water delivery and routing here in Arizona is important. We wrote a system to measure consumption and automate delivery, bringing together several systems and a front end responsive UI to simplify the process.

When I started with VP, I was a strong developer before coming here with very a specialized skillset. Since then, I’ve become more of an architect. Clients want thought leadership and system design, in addition to development and VP has given me the opportunity to grow more into this role.

At Valore Partners, we control and resolve tense situations. In many cases as Consultants, we are brought into a client specifically due to an emergency situation. If a client has missed a delivery date for example, I may be brought in to assess the problem and get them across the finish line. The great thing is that I have a full team behind me at VP that I can rely on if I need assistance.

Whether it’s technical, systems or managerial, we have each others’ backs.